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Trofeo Estate Winery Dromana Mornington Peninsula

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“…making modern wines using ancient techniques was born and Trofeo Estate was created.”

Trofeo Estate Winery Dromana Mornington Peninsula History of Trofeo Estate

The History of the Property

In this place, in 1932 the Passiflora Plantations Company was established with an ambition to become Australia’s leading exporter of passion fruit and associated products.

By 1937 Passiflora Plantations had acquired more than 300 acres with 70,000 passion fruit vines and opened a processing cannery for passionfruit pulp. However with the advent of the Second World War Passiflora was cut off from its main export markets and struggled to achieve its potential.
In the early 1950’s the Seppelt and then Seabrook families operated a winery on this property but like many other vineyards and farms in this region, were wiped out by bushfire of 1967 – a fire many locals still remember.

The property was then used as pasture, a dairy and cool stores until Bob and Sue Peime bought it and planted vines in 1998.

Our People

Jim Manolios, Owner

A BSc with a Biochemistry major Jim has a wide variety of business interests. His passion however is the search for wine in its purest form. Jim’s interest in wine can be traced back to his family’s Greek heritage in wine making which can be traced back more than 600 years. Whilst researching alternative grape growing and winemaking techniques Jim identified modern Amphorae (Terracotta) as a viable way to ferment and mature wine without Oak barrels. Thus Jim’s dream of a sustainable vineyard free of herbicides or pesticides, making modern wines using ancient techniques was born and Trofeo Estate was created.


Trofeo Estate Winery Dromana Mornington Peninsula Jim Manolios
Trofeo Estate Winery Dromana Mornington Peninsula Richard Darby

Richard Darby, Viticulturist and Winemaker

Our Viticulturist and Winemaker left New Zealand to travel the globe from vintage to vintage. Richard has made wine in many regions of both the New and Old World, and joined the Trofeo Estate team 7 years ago where he has applied all of his knowledge to create unique, premium wines. Believing that only the best wine comes from the best grapes, Richard spends just as much time in the vineyard as he does in the winery.


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