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“…with the sea breezes of the bay, our vineyard site is warmer and dryer than our hinterland neighbours.”

Our Vineyard

Located close to sea level, only 5kms from Port Phillip Bay, Trofeo Estate’s vines consist of Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. Our cool climate region is complimented with the sea breezes of the bay, our vineyard site is warmer and dryer than our hinterland neighbours. Whilst the majority of our wines are grown on site, we also have another vineyard located in Red Hill being cooler than our Dromana vineyard it is planted with Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

The two sites are very different and produce fruit that is both contrasting and complimentary in their attributes. Whilst our Dromana vines ripen earlier, providing rich fruit flavours with plenty of structure, the Red Hill vines are slow to ripen, with fruit that is subtle, high in acidity, and crisp to the palate. Therefore not only we do have differences within clones of varieties (we have more than 12 clones within our vineyard), we also have variances based in site selection. The benefit is a great range of attributes within the fruit that our winemaker harnesses to create multi dimensional and complex yet balanced wines.

With more than 60 acres under vine, Trofeo Estate is proudly motivated in the sustainable care of our vines. We believe in nurturing our vines by employing the very best organic and biodynamic management strategies to improve our soil and vine health. We use cover crops of legumes, oats and vetch and compost from the vineyard’s organic waste.

Our flock of Wiltshire Sheep are used as mowers for under vine weed management and fertiliser thus keeping the weeds down whilst adding nutrients to our vines. Visitors to Trofeo Estate will often see the sheep milling throughout the vineyard, especially in the cooler months, the lambs can be of particular delight to our younger guests.

It is our belief that you can only make great wine from great fruit, and great fruit comes from healthy vines. Our vines are completely hand tended from pruning through to picking, ensuring each vine is treated individually. It is the care, hard work and commitment throughout the year in the vineyard, that forms the backbone of our wines.

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