2018 Amphora Skin Contact Pinot Noir


Our 2018 Skin contact Pinot Noir displays flavours of raspberries and cherries mingling with candied peaches and ripe strawberries. With your second sip you perceive a hint of elderflower and smokiness. On the palate light tannins are matched with a vivid spiciness.

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Harvest 8th March 2018
Year 2018
Region Mornington Peninsula
Winemaking Method Grapes were hand-picked and de-stemmed, without crushing. The must was then transferred into an 800L amphora where it was left to start ferment wild. The cap was plunged 2 times a day throughout ferment, easing of two once a day towards the end. The amphora was then topped with Pinot Noir cl. MV6 must from another amphora from the same block. It remained on skins for a total of 90 days, during this time malolactic fermentation occurred.
After 90 days the must was pressed to 1.6bar and transferred to a 500L amphora to age. After 6 months it was racked at left to settle. No bentonite was added and this wine was bottled unfined and unfiltered. After this time the must was extracted from the amphora and pressed to 1.6 bar, and transferred to a 500L amphora to age. After 6 months it was racked and left to settle in tank. The wine was bottled un-fined and unfiltered.