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“Trofeo Estate ferments & matures wine in Terracotta Amphorae, a vessel used for wine making that dates back more than 6,000 years.”

Terracotta Wine

Trofeo Estate is all about wines created in Terracotta Amphorae, a vessel that dates back more than 6,000 years to the very birth of wine. The results are elegant, soft wines, full of pure fruit expression and great varietal character. With more than 100 amphorae on site, we are currently the biggest producer of Terracotta wine in the Southern Hemisphere. Whilst the Amphorae create their own challenges for our winemaking team, the final products are a unique blend of modern wine making techniques and ancient technology yielding truly special wines.

Why Terracotta?
We often are asked, why do we use the Terracotta Amphora for winemaking?

Here are a few reasons:
Terracotta does not impart any flavour, so the wines produced in the Amphora display all of the delicate fruit aromatics and flavours, pre-existing in the grapes.
Terracotta is an inorganic medium, and as such does not harbor spoilage micro-organisms, thus reducing the levels of Sulphur required to safeguard the wine.

Terracotta ‘breathes’ allowing Oxygen into the wine making process, assisting in developing palate weight and mouthfeel, whilst amplifying aromatics and flavours.

Terracotta is temperature and humidity sensitive, allowing greater control of the fermentation and maturation processes this assisting the winemaker in creating the desired wine style.

Our Artenova Terracotta Amphorae are produced in Chianti, and are exclusively hand made from the ancient clay of the region which has been renowned for production of Amphora to ferment and mature wine since early Roman times.

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Trofeo Estate Winery Terracotta Wine
Trofeo Estate Winery Wine making using Terracotta

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